Grow your own parsley and garden cress!

I woke up to another beautiful day with terrible headache, since I have flu and fever for almost one week. But I was so happy when I saw these little guys coming out of the soil!


The tallest one is there since yesterday and the rest grew overnight. This is my first attempt to grow parsley and I’m happy that I can finally see some progress after two weeks of waiting. I know that growing something might be for some of you boring and it’s a lot easier to go and just buy all grown plant. But nothing is like this feeling that you’ve given a new life (and then you’ll eat it), and I think it’s generally a lot healthier than the bought ones.

So, you will need some soil, seeds, a flowerpot and something under it, so it will hold the water.

When I was buying this I didn’t noticed that these are the seed tapes and it was five times more expensive. So I recommend to buy just usual seeds, no tape. Basically you just fill the flowerpot with the soil but leave two centimeters of space above. Then put the seeds on the soil, they have to be one- two centimeters from each other. Finally just add some more soil (1 cm) and water generously. Now you need to water it once or twice a week. It usually takes 14-30 days till the first sprouts come out.

Parsley is perfect for seasoning soups and it looks beautiful on everything. And it’s good for you 😉

When I saw how well the parsley is doing I immediately planted another herb- garden cress. I heard that it’s considered a worlds most healthy vegetable (even though it’s herb), it’s rich in iron,vitamin C and is super easy and fast to grow.


You will need the same stuff – soil, seeds and flowerpot with something under it. Now just fill the flowerpot with soil, leaving one centimeter of space above. Sprinkle the seeds all over the soil and just add water. It will sprout in 24 hours and will be ready in 5 days, you just need to water them everyday. It’s easier to have the water in spray bottle and just spray the plants generously. You have to harvest it before it blooms, because then it starts to be bitter.

The garden cress is crunchy, juicy and a little bit spicy, but it’s hard to describe, you just have to try it. You can add it to salads, asian soups but I like to just spread some butter on bread and sprinkle the cress and salt on top, it’s delicious!

Good luck with gardening!


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